About Success Partnership

The Success Partnership is a collaborative prenatal-to-career community education initiative that uses Collective Impact as its framework. The Partnership is comprised of many individuals, businesses, and nonprofits committed to transforming education outcomes for Doña Ana County.

The Success Partnership is supported by the Primary Backbone Organization Ngage NM and is supported by three Backbone Partners. These organizations are considered Backbone Supports because they help guide the vision and strategy, support aligned activities, establish shared measurement, build public will, advance policy, and mobilize funding. Furthermore, these Backbone Organizations house our extended backbone team.

Our Backbone Partners

The Success Partnership was born from the vision of Ngage NM, and the Ngage staff is fully committed to helping the Partnership thrive. NMSU houses the Center for Community Analysis, which provides shared measurement and the data that drives the Partnership’s work. La Clinica de Familia houses the Coordinator for the Early Childhood Education Coalition (ECEC), which was the pilot coalition of the Partnership and is responsible for much of the early childhood success within the county. Community Action Agency of Southern NM holds the Communications and Marketing team who provide continuous communication and consistent messaging in the community and across partnerships.