The SUCCESS Partnership Leaders Circle Steering Team had their first meeting on January 17. The Steering Team was formed through an election process within the Leaders Circle in the fall of 2018. Our new Steering team includes an abundance of expertise in various fields including education.

The Steering Team is setting ideas into action for education in Doña Ana County. There are several questions the team is asking themselves and their level of influence is apparent in their careers and networking. Dr. Maria Artiaga, LCPS Executive Director of Federal Programs said, “We need to ask ourselves, what can you contribute (to education)? How can we bring ideas into our pipeline of work to make change happen?”

The newly elected Steering Team includes individuals from five areas of representation: 1) Early Childhood Education: Maria Artiaga, 2) High School Completion: Maria Flores, 3) Post-Secondary Access and Success: Michael Morehead, 4) Career Opportunities for Graduates: Tracey Bryan, 5) At-Large Representatives: Marci Beyer, Dawn Hommer, and Carrie Hamblen.

The Steering Team is scheduled to meet later in the month of February.