When parents and caregivers are supported, they are prepared to draw out the strengths of the younger generation which has a ripple effect on our community for generations to come. Evidence shows that one method for strengthening families is supporting the leadership within the home.  Leadership skills promote the importance of communication and empowering others while shaping a vision for the future.  Skills like these can have a multi-generational impact on the whole family.

With 21st Century funding, Ngage New Mexico and the SUCCESS Partnership are proud to expand Adult Learning programs in 2022. The primary goal of 21st Century funding is to enable the planning, implementation, and development of quality Out of School Time (OST) learning and enrichment opportunities to help students meet or exceed standards in core content areas. Family engagement and participation, including caregiver and household support, are major contributing factors to students’ success in and out of school. Adult Learning workshops and activities equip participants with various skills in financial planning, budgeting, goal setting, automotive maintenance,college readiness for their children or themselves, and basic computer skills, to name a few. CPR/AED/First Aid classes with a 2-year certification have recently been added to the adult learning activities available. CPR is a vital life-saving skill that all parents and caregivers should know in an emergency. Knowledge of first aid promotes a healthy, secure, and safer environment for your family and community while building self-confidence.

Adult learning is not the only area of expansion either. This year there will be even more opportunities for families to be active and have fun together outdoors. After over two years of shutdowns, quarantines, virtual education, and isolation, we are thrilled to grow outdoor education programming – where families can be supported while engaging in new and exciting outdoor activities. Along with the outdoor hikes and overnight camping brought to the community last year, Golf Clinics at the Sonoma Ranch Golf course for students and families will be offered this Spring. Participants learn the basics of golf, including course etiquette, proper methods of holding and swinging the club, and other pro tips under the guidance of local golf professionals! Everything is free, and equipment is provided for all activities. These are just a few examples of adult learning and family engagement activities we are excited to bring to the community this spring.

The SUCCESS Partnership is a prenatal-to-career education initiative committed to transforming education outcomes in Doña Ana County so that all children have a foundation from which to thrive in school and life. The Partnership embraces the idea that “education is a shared responsibility.” As the primary support organization for the SUCCESS Partnership, Ngage New Mexico houses and facilitates 21st Century programming. Vanessa Mobley Knox, the Parent Engagement Coordinator with Ngage NM, works diligently with local partners and experts to bring innovative, interactive, evidence-based learning opportunities for the entire family to Doña Ana County.

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Sommer Mitchell – Communications Coordinator, SUCCESS Partnership
Vanessa Mobley Knox – Parent Engagement Coordinator, Ngage NM