In late September 2018, eight early childhood educators were awarded scholarships from the Doña Ana County Early Childhood Education Coalition to attend the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The scholarship recipients will be hosting an upcoming Teach the Teacher training event which sprouted from their professional development obtained at the NCFL Conference.

Judi Ferguson, an administrator at Little Playmates in Las Cruces and a NCFL attendee said, “I want to share the knowledge that I gained by being allowed to attend the NCFL Conference in Florida. I feel that people can expect to learn new ideas from people who are in the same profession as themselves. They should be able to relate to us and feel comfortable asking questions.” Teach the Teacher attendees can expect to learn about an array of topics including family literacy and learning, two-generation education solutions, and family engagement.

The 2018 NCFL Scholarship recipients include: Judi Ferguson, Maria Realzola, Josie Mendoza, Amy Marquez, Rita Fonseca, Valeria Holloway, Lorena Delgado, and Juanita Botello. The training is free and participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the training.

The training will take place on Saturday, March 9, from 10am-2pm at Peace Lutheran Church. RSVP Cesia Otero at