LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO- The amount of collaboration the SUCCESS Partnership’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Coalition made on Wednesday, May 3 is impeccable progress in achieving goals to provide seamless childcare services to parents, children and their families in Doña Ana County. The coalition is part of the SUCCESS Partnership that is committed to working collectively with every person in Doña Ana County towards a community agenda to support all children’s success in school and life, prenatal to career. The main focus of the ECE coalition work is prenatal to age 8. Over 30 Attendees from 25 organizations joined together at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center in Las Cruces to network.

 The SUCCESS Partnership continues to build bridges with ECE professionals including:  LCPS Head Start, Ben Archer Health Center, MECA Therapies, La Clinica de Familia, the New Mexico Department of Health, midwives, Aprendamos Intervention Team (AIT) Conscious Fathering and others. The intention of the coalition is to include experts in the ECE field who can direct parents and their children toward proper educational services.  The objective to create a fully-integrated system comprised of various childcare programs and leading health professionals, will assist identifying issues within the ECE spectrum.

 Senator Bill Soules, an attendee and the Success Partnership Leader’s Circle Chairman said, “We know the return on investment in early childhood education is good.”  Soules has been part of the SUCCESS Partnership since the beginning of its establishment in March 2013.  Soules supports investing in early childhood education and demonstrates an understanding by meeting with professionals in the ECE. The Coalition is dedicated to using early childhood education knowledge and data to collaborate and to produce positive outcomes for the children of Doña Ana County. 

 The coalition is comprised of organizations that embody similar interests, missions and goals for families they serve daily.  During the session the organizations were able to discuss their functions, roles and share ideas to become better resources for one another. Speakers at the event included organizations from Ngage New Mexico, La Clinica de Familia and New Mexico State University. The SUCCESS partnership and the ECE coalition strive to lead the way for congregating ECE educators and health professionals, and gain new members who care about the well-being of the children of Doña Ana County.